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Sarah Williams ([personal profile] sarah_williams) wrote2012-04-09 09:57 pm


Feel free to poke at me if you have any questions. I enjoy meeting new people!

plurk: curiositystarts
aim: tatertooting

backtagging: Of course! I'm very laid back when it comes to this sort of thing.
threadhopping:Feel free unless it says otherwise!
fourthwalling: Meta and meme are fine and dandy. In actual games I'd rather not unless I'm given a heads-up.
offensive subjects: I am not easy to offend. If you have any problems with what I'm doing, please, let me know!

hugging this character: Sarah always appreciates a good hug, especially from her friends.
kissing this character: It might be awkward, but you can try.
flirting with this character: Again, you can try despite the awkwardness. Sarah is terrible at flirting.
fighting with this character: Sarah is not a fighter, she's a thinker. A warning beforehand would be awesome!
injuring this character: A little bruising and scratching never hurts anyone. Any serious maiming or injury I'd like to know first.
killing this character: Aw, how could you?! If the situation demands it, but please talk to me first.