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player information.

name: Jessie
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in character information.

series: Labyrinth
name: Sarah Williams
age: 17
sex: F
race: Human
weight: 132 lbs.
height: 5'6"
[OPTIONAL] cause of death: N/A
canon point: Directly after Sarah submitted her application to Juilliard.
previous cr: N/A

history: As told on Labyrinth Wiki.


The events shown in Return to Labyrinth take a turn for the worse after Sarah is rejected from Julliard and left heartbroken. Jareth responds to Sarah's silent cry by having her dreams stripped from her, drastically changing Sarah's character and maturing her overnight with its loss. My goal is to write Sarah with the Labyrinth's memories and lessons still intact, giving me the chance to grow her through interactions before she is robbed of what makes her stand out as a character.

At the very beginning Sarah was a selfish girl who believed the world revolved around only her. Being the only child of Robert and Linda Williams, it served as a catalyst to Sarah's personality in her younger years. She was the apple of their eye and as such she was spoiled rotten when it came to having their attention. Everything was perfect in Sarah's eyes. She deemed herself lucky to have a beautiful mother who was also an actress on the stage and a father who was all too willing to give his daughter everything she could ever want. She was blissfully unaware of the strained relationship shared between her parents until it was too late. Sarah was still a young girl when her mother left to be with her lover and fellow actor who went by the name of Jeremy.

The separation was difficult on Sarah as it shattered her perfect reality. Her imagination became the door she would use to escape the harsh truth that had become her real world, retreating into the written word inside of her many books. When her father got involved with another woman who would later become her stepmother, she was defiant to the change and she clung to the only detail familiar in her life: the strong bond she shared with her mother. She was enamored by the glamorous existence Linda lead and would often compare it to the dull suburban life she was forced to live with Robert and her new stepmother. It was then Sarah decided that her life was meant for the stage, much like her mother's. She'd spend hours practicing lines and dressing up in magnificent costumes, determined to follow Linda's footsteps.

Enter Toby, the half-brother child conceived by Robert and "the wicked stepmother", Irene. Even at the age of fifteen Sarah was still the immature brat who refused to accept anything outside of her universe. While Toby was the one who intensified these characteristics within Sarah tenfold, he would also be the one to trigger the largest event in Sarah's life which would help lead her to her growth as a person. Her journey through the Labyrinth taught her many lessons she would take after leaving it.

The first lesson was to never take anything for granted. The longer she wandered through the Labyrinth's winding halls, the more she understood how nothing was ever as it seemed from its shifting corridors to its very inhabitants. Even Toby's absence showed Sarah how important he was in her life. Consuming the poisoned peach given by Hoggle pit Sarah against the one thing she desired most of all: her dreams. The illusions created were nothing but junk in comparison to what really mattered. Toby was no hindrance nor was he the one stopping her from achieving her desires.

Which leads Sarah to her next lesson; take responsibility for your actions. Sarah was at fault for her brother being kidnapped by the Goblin King. She took responsibility for that, but only after trying to convince the Goblin King that he had misunderstood her. At first she expected that things would go her way simply because she wanted them to. However, life never works that way. It was no one's fault but her own that she needed to navigate the Labyrinth. The only way she could win was if she took matters into her own hands.

Life might not be fair, she realized, but that's the way it is sometimes. She did not have to stay a child if she wanted follow her dreams. It was okay to grow up.

From there Sarah flourished over the passing two years. With Toby she became more protective and accepted her responsibilities as a bigger sister, hoping to one day impart the same teachings that were taught to her by sharing her adventures through stories and fairy-tales. She is not as much of the recluse that she used to be, either, having learned that friendship and teamwork can go a long way after her meeting with Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus in the Labyrinth, all of whom she still considers to be her closest friends. Much of her time is still devoted to her goals in becoming an actress but instead of exercising her time in solitude, having then believed she was superior to everyone else, she focuses her energy in a social activity with her high school's drama club.

In Sarah's eyes the world is still a difficult place to live in. The contact she maintains with her companions in the Labyrinth serves as a foundation of comfort and inspiration for when life gets a little too real for her. She still has her moments when she is easily frustrated. In years passed she'd simply dismiss it as unfair but now she approaches strenuous tasks with reason to accomplish her goals, after taking a couple of breaths, of course. She still has a lot of growing up to do.

In conclusion, a child trapped in a growing woman's body is what many would describe Sarah to be, but she sees it differently. She is idealistic and full of wild imagination, drawn to stories of fantasy but still finding just enough balance to keep her feet planted on the ground.


Sarah is an ordinary girl and has the strengths and weaknesses of being a human. Her strong relationship with her imagination and dreams, on the other hand, was enough to attract the attention of a certain Goblin King. While she was able to maintain contact with her friends in the Labyrinth because of this, the connection will be severed when she is pulled from her own reality. At the very least this allows her to have the uncanny ability to see things outside of the box which makes quite skilled when it comes to puzzle solving and riddles.

first person sample:

[ A soft droning sound emits from the video feed at first; the image of fingertips tapping rapidly against the screen before the face of a young woman with widened green eyes comes into focus. Getting up close and personal with the camera, she clenches her teeth together, hoping to hear or see a familiar face and voice from the phone. Anything would do at this point, even a certain king of the goblins. ]

No, no, no! This is not funny!

[ More frantic taps. The image rattles for a moment. Is this supposed to be a clue? ]

This.. looks nothing like the Underground. Hoggle, are you there? Sir Didymus? Ludo? [ The dread in her voice suddenly shifts into something sharper, nostrils flaring open with obvious frustration. Apparently this isn't the first time she has been sent to another world, except this one doesn't look like something pulled from a fantasy. The empty and unfamiliar city leaves an unsettling feeling at the pit of her stomach that only a nightmare can accomplish. This is no dream. ] If there are any critters, or goblins, or dare I even dream people out there listening to this right now, I need your help. I'm cold, alone, and I think I'm a little lost.

[ The sound of bare feet stomping against cement can be heard in the background as she walks. She holds the phone further out, revealing that the poor woman is in a thin drape for clothes. Patience was never one of her strongest virtues and it certainly wouldn't be right now. ]

If this is your idea of a joke, Jareth, I am not laughing. I beat you once already. I am not going to play another of your games again! Send me home!

[ Pause. ]

.. and give me back my clothes, you pervert! [ Another pause of hesitation. ] Please.

third person sample:

"It isn't the choice that's making me take so long to answer," Sarah finally responded after listening to his song and watching him pace like a tiger in front of the bars of a cage, watching its meal yet not able to reach out and grab it, "it's that I'm wondering how one person can be so cold and cruel just to get what he wants." She crossed her arms in front of her chest and tilted her head in a rather demeaning posture. "It makes me wonder which of us is really more scared to lose." Oh, there was no secret. Sarah was terrified of Jareth. The power he wielded with reckless abandon was not incomparable to a child with his father's gun. Jareth simply knew how to aim and this time he'd targeted the very companions she'd come here to save.

Contrast to how animated Jareth was, Sarah stood still on the step, her eyes watching him while her chest expanded with each quick, nervous breath. She wanted to know where her friends were being held. She wanted to see them. Everything they had gone through and sacrificed just to help her could not go unreciprocated. She needed them and, even though they didn't know her, they rose up against their king and risked everything to get her to her baby brother. Now she was the only one they had to rely on.

She imagined what they would be doing right now if they were all being held together. Sir Didymus was most likely raising a ruckus, banging on his bonds with that stick of his and annoying Ludo. Ludo, that monstrous gentle giant. She can only imagine what Jareth did to have him restrained. Her eyes narrowed at the thought. And what of Hoggle? The closest of the entire troupe? He had helped her since her arrival at the Labyrinth the first time and had seen it through to the very end despite Jareth's threats.

They were all her best friends, moreso than anyone she encountered in her world.

"I accept your challenge," Sarah answered in the overshadow of her thoughts toward her imprisoned companions, her voice rueful. She refused to bow down to this abrasive king the first time and now she was even more fortified against him, despite everything about him that intrigued her. "I've beaten your Labyrinth before and I can do it again, help or not." She never uncrossed her arms nor removed her eyes from him. "Regardless what you might think of yourself, I know that I'm not the most important thing to walk across your cold bricks." She may have pushed a bit too far with that one, but her love of her hatred for him is enough to bring up that old habit of talking first and thinking later. She didn't believe there was much Jareth would be willing to do to her beyond what he's already committed her to.
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